My AIESEC experience

This is one speech I prepared to talk for the AIESEC team in Australia. I had to speak in English (sorry for that, Just imagine yourself being in a country with a language completely different trying to talk in that language in front of a lot of people listening to you. Be comprehensive! ) Prepare yourself to read it! Hope you like =)
         I decided to have this experience because I wanted to make something different in my life after I graduate. I definitely wanted to be part of one internship that provides me the opportunity to learn in a worldwide environment and to have the opportunity to contribute to a societal change, to have impact in the society.
I don´t know why Australia. I don´t know why this city. I think that I wanted to travel to a place really far away from Argentina, I thought it contributes to me to think about a lot of things that I don´t do when I´m there. Also to be far away of my country makes me value situations, people, moments, etc. allowing me to develop my imagination and discover skills that I don´t know that I can have when I´m just being in my comfort zone.
Since I was preparing my luggage in Argentina, I think in my mind and ask to myself: how can be this experience? How will be the experience teaching in a university completely different to mine? Will be this a good experience?… questions, questions and more questions were around my mind.  I wanted something different, but I didn´t know what. 
 As you can see, at that moment I was lost no just in my mind (because everything was new a completely different for me), also I was lost in the airport. New people, new smells, new food, news experiences were waiting for me around the world to just try them.  It´s easy to hear this now, but wasn´t for me at that moment. 
       Fortunately the AIESEC team was waiting for me since the first day. The same day we (Johana and me) arrived to Melbourne, we went to the university to introduce each other, and talk a little about us, our expectations and make a 20 minutes presentation of the class we suppose to teach next Monday.  I really enjoyed that intercultural moment, trying tim-tam (but no vegemite), talking about us, and simply sharing a good moment. I was so excited about this experience. Also, in that moment, I forgot that I was tired!
       Although the hostel was so dirty at first time when we arrived, fortunately we can moved to a better accommodation: a share house. There we could meet a lot of people from different parts of the world, share our cultures, our traditions, our meals, languages, etc. We are so happy for have been living here.
          The Spanish tutor experience was really good. Even though I had the experience teaching in my country, to be teaching Spanish in another university was a new challenge for me. First of all, I was so anxious, desperate and worried about the content I supposed to teach and about the language. I asked to myself: how I supposed to teach in English? What can I say? How can be the students? How can be the university? And all this questions started to have an answer when I started with my practice.  The classes at first were a big challenge for me. Also sometimes I thought “maybe I´m not the right person to do this” , but there is something that the AIESEC experience taught me: when you propose to follow one goal, you can always get it.  I´m happy for this practice, for me the most important thing was to promote my country, my traditions, my culture to the students, in addition to the language. To hear the students say: “I would like to visit your country” or “from now on I want to continue learning Spanish” is something very rewarding for me. That was my main goal. 
         Also the experience with AIESEC team was interesting for me. I didn´t know how this organization works before this practice, and I found it really funny and committed with what you are doing. 
           To travel to a different country for me was amazing, and of course it was full of new experiences. Everything started to be different for me: for example the food from everywhere I tried, the university also was something completely different for me, and almost I found the bathrooms extravagant and unusual. That is the fantastic thing about travelling: discover, know another people, try new things, try to adapt to another ways of life (or not),learn to respect the differences, know about me a little more in contexts and situations completely different.
        Now I´ll talk about my impression about Australia. I found this country full of beautiful and amazing landscapes: for example Great Ocean road, Dargo, the Dandenong Mountains, Hanging rock, Melbourne, etc. I´m in love with kangaroos from now on. I think It´s a country with a lot of nature and earth, and that becomes it in one of the most beautiful countries to visit. People here also helped us a lot, every time we were lost in the street, always was a helpful Australian willing to help us. We are really grateful for that. 
           Something that I didn´t like about Australia ( in addition to the kangaroos mince hehe) , is that I found this country without any traditions. Although it´s a multicultural country, when I talked with the Australian people and ask about typical things (like dances, food, habits, etc.) I found they didn’t know what to say. That surprise me a lot, I imagined that with the long history this country has since the aborigines are living here, probably will be a lot of things to talk about…
         Finally and to conclude, thanks to my EP buddy for helped me a lot and worry about me. Thank you to the AIESEC team for makes these kinds of experiences being possible. And thank you for teach to think that when you strongly believe in something, you can do it. That is my main learning of this practice.  Now, I can say thank you AIESEC for give me the opportunity to grow up no just in my profession, almost like a person.